About us

Manuela Kerkhoff

Where do I come from ?

Born in San Juan/Puerto Rico in 1968 and later raised in Germany I always felt at home in two totally different cultures and lifestyles – the Caribbean and the European. And ever since, I have been fascinated by Foreign languages and curious about other cultures around the world. My other weakness is traveling and the adventure of living in different places for a while.

So it is not surprising that I ended up studying Languages (Spanish, French, Portuguese Literature and Linguistics) and Cultural Anthropology at the Universities of Tübingen and Freiburg (Germany), Paris, Madrid and Lisbon, including a 3 month journey through Brazil.

Why in the Book Publishing Business ?

I finished my studies with a Postgraduate degree in Publishing at the University of Munich. At the same time I worked as freelance editor for renown German publishing houses (Droemer Knaur, Hanser, Krüger, Piper, Merian).

This is when I discovered that the Foreign rights business is the perfect career for me in Publishing – dealing with intercultural exchange, going out there exploring other markets, meeting the local publishers, gaining their confidence and respect, selling to them the right title at the right time and discovering the translated edition one year later in the local bookstore is what is so rewarding about selling book rights worldwide.

I spent three months in the Rights department of Simon&Schuster in New York before I went back to Germany, started my career in Publishing in 1995 with my first job in the rights department of DTV (Deutscher Taschenbuch Verlag), and then gained experiences as international sales manager for five years at Gräfe und Unzer Verlag in Munich.

Who are we now and what can we do for you?

In 2004 I felt it was time to set up my own Rights agency, the International Licensing Agency. Over the years my business grew and this is where we are now:

I have a rich network of personal contacts in international Publishing that I keep alive. I represent Publishers and Packagers with focus on illustrated non-fiction for adults and children.
I present new titles and projects to potential international Publishers, negotiate contract details and organize coedition printings. I make sure your title finds its way to the most suitable licencee. And I also cooperate with other agencies to cover markets that they are specialized in.
For the future I look to expand my portfolio into new subject categories and different media and am open for cooperations with new clients.

Where can you meet with me ?

Apart from attending the Frankfurt, Bologna and London Bookfairs I travel regularly throughout the year to the markets that I sell into and meet my customers in their offices and at local bookfairs.

If you are a Publisher or Packager with engaging or innovative products and project ideas, and if you are looking for professional support in bringing your developments to an international level – please contact me. I will be pleased to talk to you and arrange a first meeting.